1. If you have them, please put on some headphones. 

2. Use arrow keys or WSAD keys to move around. 

3. Use the the mouse to look. 

4. Click the center of the screen for better response with your mouse. 

5. Explore.

6. Press ESC to retrieve your cursor from the game. 

7. If you want to have the full screen experience, press the button in the bottom right hand corner. 

8. If you hear any audio doubling, there is a problem with your internet connection. If you refresh, the experience should work better. 

9. Once you are done with this space, please close the tab. 


Reflected Voices is an amplification of four interviews from people important to me exploring a singular issue: America. Each of these unique voices is housed in separate structures placed periodically around the venue. Every room has a different story and person attached to it. In the center you hear my personal community speaking all at once, but when you walk into one of the structures you hear one interview.  The effect is zooming in on one voice among a community of voices.  


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